Golden Bloodstone

Golden Bloodstone

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This meticulously handmade power ring showcases a striking bloodstone set within a 9ct yellow gold band, skillfully secured with platinum claws to ensure both durability and exquisite craftsmanship.

The jeweller, known throughout Serpent Cove for his enigmatic nature and meticulous collecting habits, had carefully stored the bloodstone in the deep recesses of his safes for well over a decade, patiently waiting for its moment of revelation. As he pondered his lifelong fascination with precious stones and their hidden potential, he couldn't help but draw a parallel to the cunning and discerning nature of the raven.

Upon rediscovering the bloodstone's unique beauty, its rich hues reminiscent of ancient mysteries, the jeweller felt a stirring of inspiration. Its striking resemblance to the original power ring stone was unmistakable, a perfect fit for his vision of crafting something truly exceptional. Thus, with meticulous care and reverence, he transformed the bloodstone into a magnificent yellow gold power ring. This creation marked the realm's inaugural piece in yellow gold, a departure from the original white gold designs.

Finer details 

9ct white gold ring with platinum claws 

total weight 7.4g

stone 3.21 ct long hex rose cut bloodstone 




*This ring is a one off and not for sale but one similar can be made for you on request email