About Us

Serpent Cove draws its inspiration from adventures through time and across seas. From far flung desert islands and deepest jungles to misty shorelines and bustling ports, Serpent Cove unlocks the inner pirate in all of us.

Serpent Cove is the creation of Michael Mooney, a much-respected silversmith who has spent the last seventeen years honing his craft throughout Eastern Australia in various European and Australian jewellery houses.

Michael's uniquely styled pieces have been worn by models at many high profile events including Australian Fashion Week and Los Angeles Fashion Week.

Apart from his family and silversmithing, Michael's abiding passion is for custom-made motorcycles. Michael's passion for jewellery with family history or a story shapes the way he makes his own pieces.  

Michael specialises in solid signet rings and delights in creating new designs, he can help you create your own unique custom from the cove or check out his collections. Michael's other specialty is bespoke engagement and wedding rings, often using unique stones to ensure a one off quality that begins your own story.