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The Fightin’ Irish is designed from the love of a good fight. It has a shillelagh, an Irish wooden club with barbed wire wrapped around it. The top of the ring is bordered by bright green clovers in a belt of good luck. On the sides a Raven watches the flanks with “morrígan chosnaíonn” quoted around it. Morrígan is an Irish god of war and fate and it is said to transform into a raven and sit on the side of the victor. So with the god of war at your side, a belt of clovers for luck and shillelagh in hand your ready to rumble the bar!

The ring is on sale for the month of March to celebrate St Patrick's Day. 

The ring comes in a sustainably sourced wooden box as well as the Serpent Cove  treasure chest with all its Cove trinkets. Standard postage within Australia included, express and international postage available at an additional cost. Rings are made to order and will be posted within ten business days of order being placed.