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Collection: The Diver

Who is the diver? Some say it’s simply a man in a suit looking for vengeance, others say a woman that got lost on a deep sea mission trying to find her way home. Sailors believe it to be no man or woman, but in fact a hollow suit, powered or controlled by the souls of the fallen. ”That explains why you can’t see a face, only a glow humming from inside the helmet” says a drunken fishermen at the Cove bar.  There has always been tales of a diver that roams the Cove, it is said on dark still nights you can see the glow of the helmet from below or you might hear the slow cycle of breaths and bubbles gurgling. You may never know what the glow or sounds mean though.

Those who claim to have seen The Diver have described what they have seen. A heavy duty battle diver suit armed with a knife, spear gun and a flare torpedo pistol. The suits backpack has a supply of different spears for different uses. The suit has an oxygen hose as well as emergency air supply tanks, and a medic kit/patch kit. With flood lights on its left shoulder and a signal mirror on the back of its left gauntlet, it is a mystical mix of forgotten old world brass and copper relics and modern day technology. The helmet show its age and battle damage and appears to be from a time long gone but with an eerie level of upkeep and maintenance....As if it was crudely polished every other day...

Either way, old world or modern, let's start the tale of The Diver with an epic journey of trials and tribulations. Where the diver goes we do not know and where it has come from....we can only guess. The first encounter of its long list of foul foes and combatants of the Cove will start here.....


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